About me

Welcome to my site dedicated to everything you need to create great videos with Camtasia Studio 8. I am an enthusiast of the graphics and video. I opened this space to offer my videos, share all my work for free and help those who would like to create his presentations but he has not yet learned well the possibilities of this software.

And in particular …

One day I needed to create my video presentation of services offered but did not find anything that could help me, so I started to look for something that I might serve on the Internet and found Camtasia Studio 8, I consider best sofftware for those who want to lose too much time and have beautiful end product. I immediately fell in love, and already at the first presentation I had some success.

Over time I read and tried a lot of documentation and applications and I never stop amaze its potential.

Camtasia lets you:

– Choose your movie

Even if you’ve never done one before, making it very easy video recordings of everything that happens on the screen and allows you to import your camera footage.

– Making the changes

Edit video in a short time. His video editor drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily add professional quality titles, animations, music, transitions and more.

– Create your video

Anyone can make a attractive videos with Camtasia. No need to spend months learning a complicated system.

In short, a real blast!